Would You Pay For Blog Content?

I wrote an article about some tips for bloggers on what they can do with extra blog content so that they don’t post too much content in one day on their own blog. I explained that leveraging your “extra” articles as ways to increase your audience is more advantages to doing multiple posts in the same day (unless you are posting about something breaking news related).

Hand MoneyOne of my points was selling your articles on a forum or other type of directory which I have run across many times over the past six months, yet I find that I have never actually purchased an article just for the sake of having extra articles on DragonBlogger.com. I do accept guest blogging on DragonBlogger.com and welcome anyone who wants to share an original article about SEO, Internet, Technology, Gadgets, Blogging or just about anything else is welcome to contact me about being a guest blogger, but I don’t pay for articles on this site though I don’t blame people for purchasing content to put on their blogs when they have little to no time to create content themselves.

Normally if you are looking for articles for your site because you can’t find the time to write then you should adjust your posting schedule to a new post every week instead of every day.  In some cases you may be going on vacation and need some posts queued, and in this case I would leverage some guest bloggers and blogging buddies who may be willing to submit a guest article for your site.  By having a guest blogger you also have a better chance of increasing traffic than a single one off purchase of an article as some of that bloggers fan base will be interested in reading their article on your site and may stick around to read other articles written by you.

Here may be some reasons why you shouldn’t purchase content for your site:

  • Content may vary in quality and you lose your “voice” and branding
  • Content may be duplicated elsewhere (no guarantee before purchase that content won’t be sold elsewhere

I personally would not pay for content for my technology blog or any of my other blogs I maintain right now, but if I were to open a brand new niche blog and didn’t really want to dedicate a lot of time to it but wanted to use it as a way to gain AdSense and some other earnings, I could see some advantages of doing it and am not against it.  I just wouldn’t purchase content for a site that I brand with my personality, but an anonymous content site that doesn’t have specific author I think purchasing content is just one of the tools in your arsenal to keep your blog filled with new content.  So selling/purchasing content for blogs is a market and I believe it is a good market as it provides money for people who are writing content but don’t necessarily want the hassle of running their own blogs, and those who want to run the blogs but don’t necessarily have the time to write all of the content for them.

What is your opinion on purchasing content for blogs, would you consider doing it?

-Dragon Blogger

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