PayPerPost Upgrade Benefits Advertisers and Bloggers

IZEA announces an upgrade to the PayPerPost system which allows advertisers to request “multiple links” from bloggers in the same article. Previously each PayPerPost opp could only request a single link with any additional being optional and requiring tedious extra instructions, plus no ability to easily validate. But now advertisers can add multiple links into the opp requirements and bloggers can easily cut and paste the new keyword links.

This is a good thing for Advertisers to allow them to have more flexibility in what they request from bloggers, and with PayPerPost now allowing you to “negotiate” the price when looking at your Leads, you can clearly see how many links the advertiser is requesting and either accept at the advertisers rate, or make a counter offer on what you would be willing to do the opportunity for. I think this presents more options for bloggers as well.

What I would like to see is an update to the system that allows bloggers to set a “price per link” for their blog profile, just like you can set a “price per post” and a “price per word” this way you can have a base post price with a single link, and charge for each additional link. This allows a blogger to price appropriately, because now an advertiser can higher a blogger for the same price if they have 1 link or 4 links, and bloggers don’t have the ability to negotiate a price once they have been directly offered an opportunity, only when it is a lead. So a blogger has no choice but to reject the offer if he isn’t willing to do it for that amount.

Hopefully IZEA will update the system too, so that bloggers have the ability to set different rates based on the # of links the opportunity requires. Either way the system is once again improved and offers more flexibility for advertisers, the blogger side just needs to catch up a little.

PS. You also need the ability when you reject an opp to give a reason to an advertiser, I had many advertisers contact me outside of PayPerPost because I rejected an opportunity and they wanted to know why. IZEA needs to fill this gap and allow bloggers to at least have a few reasons and choices when you reject an opp.

By the way, you can read more about these changes with full details and more screenshots on how it looks and works over on IZEA’s Blog.

-Dragon Blogger

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