Ping.FM Shuts off API Support

I use the CR Post2PingFM plug-in for wordpress so that whenever my blogs are published it submits to Ping.FM which then updates all of my social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Plurk, FriendFeed…etc) but noticed in the last thirty hours or so that the plug-in wasn’t posting anymore it seems.  I went to check my developer key by going to website and saw the following message:

Due to recent abuse on the API, we now require you to contact customer support to receive your API key while we update the way this is handled. So, if you are actually looking to extend the functionality into one of the awesome 3rd-party apps, please give our service team a shout and we will get you ready to rock.

You can blame the spammers. :)

Naturally, I emailed them asking for my API key and if I could have my plug-in for wordpress working to submit my posts to my SocialNetworks. Recently HelloTxt also stopped working which caused me to switch my other blogs to using Ping.FM late last week only to have this happen. I don’t have to have to install 5-6 separate wordpress plug-ins to handle posting to all my social media networks so I am hoping this Ping.FM issue is resolved soon.

I did notice that on April 22nd, Ping.FM announced a new feature where you can enter any single RSS feed from the web and post that feed to your Ping.FM account. This helps a little bit as I can post my feed, but they only support 1 feed at this time and my other blogs won’t submit articles to Ping.FM until I can figure this issue out and a work around.


One of my readers commented that the site is working and users can have access to their API keys again.  So looks like Ping.FM re-enabled the service.  I will be testing to make sure the CR Post2PingFM plug-in still works.

-Dragon Blogger

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