Post RSS Feed to Google Plus with IFFT

It is still quite a complicated process to automate posting of your blog RSS feed to your Google Plus profile without leveraging a service like IFFT for automation and even then you can’t just email your Google Plus page without setting up an SMS/Text feed to Google Plus first.

Rather than re-invent the wheel, I leveraged the instructions for configuring the Google Voice and Email from this article here:

A quick configuration after setting up the Google Voice SMS part was in order manually first and I sent an email to my custom email and it successfully posted on my wall.


Now I originally tried the Google RSS Feed to Gmail Recipe and could not get it to work, I was using the instructions from here to setup the Google Voice, I first configured my IFFT to setup an RSS feed to Gmail and used the Google Voice SMS number that fed to my Google Plus profile as the email.


The configuration looks like I have it below except use your RSS feed and your custom Google Voice SMS to Google Plus email.


Then simply wait until your next RSS feed publishes and you should get an email confirming that it also posted to your Google Plus profile.  But unfortunately it doesn’t work for me, I tried using a Feedburner feed and my blog direct feed, and I would just get blank Google Plus updates that look like this:


The recipe wasn’t translating EntryContent or any of the code properly, so at first I thought maybe cross site scripting was breaking it because of the <> so I removed those.  But alas, nothing would work.


So after fiddling with this recipe for 2 days I finally gave up on the RSS to GPlus recipe and decided to try the WordPress Post to GPlus recipe instead.  Now setting up the same Google Voice SMS instructions to post to Google Plus is the same, so those steps aren’t wasted.  But this recipe you simply connect it to your WordPress blog (yes, you have to authenticate with your credentials, so you may want to use a lower privileged account if you are untrusting).

Set it up like this, remember to add the +Public in front of the PostURL or it won’t post to Google Plus, or you can use one of your Google Groups.


Once completed, it should post your next WordPress post automatically to Gplus, and I confirmed this recipe works correctly.


Though the PostTitle and subject doesn’t show up, so you will want to add PostTitle into the body part.  For the Post Title to show up there, and maybe enter a static subject line.

PS, for Google Business Page RSS feed I simply load my feed into Hootsuite RSS to Social Media and let Hootsuite publish my blog RSS feed to my Google Plus Business page for DragonBlogger.

You can find my personal profile here if you want to follow me and see it in action:

Here is the Dragon Blogger Google Plus Page (I wish I could get it a custom slug like my personal Google Plus profile)

It probably shouldn’t have taken me this long to setup a feed to Google Plus, honestly I was posting only 1x every 3 or 4 days on Google Plus and not leveraging the network enough and I need to change that.

If you have trouble with this Recipe, then you can also try the WordPress to Google +, where instead of RSS feed you are directly allowing access to your WordPress to authenticate and publish posts to Google Plus too

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