The Power Ray is Power Vision’s innovative solution

It’s every fish enthusiast’s dream to have the necessary tools so that they can peacefully observe the underwater habitat without disrupting the natural flow of the environment. Until recently, there were limited options as to how that can happen but now there is a definitive answer that can get everyone a ticket to the classiest act around.

Introducing the Power Ray from Power Vision

The PowerVision PowerRay is the most innovative solution for this type of line of work that has come around in quite a while. So what is it exactly? Well, it’s a drone. That’s the simplest way to put it. This drone however comes with a full bag of goodies that help it become a very useful tool. Here are some of the toys that can be mounted directly on the drone and are pretty much incorporated in the way the device operates.

PowerRay Sonar

The PowerRay comes with a powerful sonar device in the form of an addon. This device is able to detect fish in the water then transmit that information to a nearby smartphone. The device and the smartphone need to be connected using Bluetooth in order for this to happen however. The sonar addon takes photos of the fish it detects and sends them to the drone owner, giving them a pretty clear understanding of what’s underwater.

PowerRay Resistance

PowerRay is also a device that can function in multiple climates. It isn’t restricted to just salt water or fresh water, and it can also function in ice fishing situations. This makes this device a very profitable purchase because it allows the user to adapt to any situation and get proper readings for each climate and not just the fish in that environment’s waters.

PowerRay Feeding Tool

The feeding tool is an addon that goes on the drone and provides fish with food. The food can be dispensed wherever you want and fish will naturally come up to feed. This bait sets up the perfect opportunity for users of the PowerRay drone to photograph or observe the fish while they are feeding and get a better view of the entire bank.

PowerRay Camera

The PowerRay camera is as powerful as Ultraweb solutions and also a tool that allows the device not only to take photographs but also record video in 4K resolution. An underwater drone is probably the least expected place in which people might see a 4K camera, but this is one of them and it does wonders for the functionality of the PowerRay. PowerVision implemented a great camera that benefits from 100 degree radius view. This offers anyone using the drone the perfect tool to scout a very large area completely.

All these characteristics make the PowerRay from PowerVision a marvelous acquisition for anyone that finds themselves operating within this sort of line of work. Even those that practice fishing or fish observation as hobbies can benefit greatly from a purchase like this as it is easy to use and efficient.

Tom Parillo

Tom Parillo

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