The Power of Visual Content: 5 Benefits it Brings to the Table


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Having solely text on your website is not enough to get the best possible results. When people hear information, they’ll recall about 10 percent of it three days later. If this information is paired with an image, however, people will retain about 65 percent of the data.

In addition, eye-tracking trials suggest that people pay a lot of information to data-providing images like infographics. The study actually suggests that an audience spends more time on the image than on text.

So, should you be adding visual content to your digital marketing strategy? Here are several reasons why you should be doing so.

A Higher Level of Engagement

Visual content generates a higher level of engagement than text does. This is one of the reasons why this Topaussie review features a video in the sidebar.

The rule holds true for content shared on your website and the posts you make on social media. The engagement of tweets that feature pictures, for example, is 18 percent higher than the engagement typical for tweets consisting solely of text. Tweets that come with an image are also retweeted 150 percent more often!

People are also more likely to share visual content on their social media profiles. The viral potential of videos, infographics and images is incredibly high. Thus, visual content will help you boost brand popularity and enhance the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

It Provokes an Emotional Response

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There’s a simple reason why visual content is so effective.

An image and a video can provoke a much more powerful emotional response than text. The human brain can process visual information much faster than words. The response is immediate, while text will have to be analyzed and understood.

You want to provoke an emotional response from your audience in order to stand out. People are bombarded with marketing messages and promotional campaigns. Content that leaves them unaffected is not memorable and it will not produce the outcome that a marketer is hoping for.

Uplifting messages, beautiful visuals and storytelling all work together to move the recipient of visual content. Thus, a great idea can produce excellent results even if the budget dedicated to video production isn’t particularly high.

Visual Content Can Stimulate Viewers to Undertake a Certain Action

Having a big audience is great, however, you want these people to undertake a certain action after exploring your message. This action could be subscribing to a newsletter, visiting a certain page on your website or making a purchase.

It’s much easier to stimulate people to undertake a certain desirable action through visuals rather than through text.

Reports suggest that people react more favorably to a call to action included in visual content rather than a call to action that’s presented in the form of a text.

Needless to say, the quality of videos and images is determining for their effectiveness. Certain types of videos, for example, can be expected to deliver better results. Character animation videos are known to deliver amazing results because they’re ideal for storytelling. Interviews with thought leaders, celebrities and industry experts are also great. People trust these individuals and they’ll be willing to follow a recommendation made by a person with some authority.

To get the best results, you have to pick the type of visual content that will appeal the most to your specific audience. Intimate knowledge of its needs and preferences will help you tailor the campaign for maximum effectiveness.


Many small companies and startups worry about visual content and the cost linked to producing it. The good news is that things have changed in today’s world. In the past, visual content production used to be quite expensive. Luckily, the situation has changed.

Professional video for online use is a cost-effective marketing possibility. The return on investment is high, which justifies spending money on a professional team.

A good video can be produced through the use of a smartphone and some free video editing software. The idea matters much more than the quality of the image. In fact, an amateur video comes with its own charm that could potentially boost engagement.

The very same applies to infographics and diagrams. There are dozens of free online tools that can be used for the purpose of infographic creation. Free vector images and fonts will result in a professional image that the audience will enjoy.

Highly Versatile

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Visual content can be used to accomplish just about every marketing goal under the sun.

You can rely on visuals to boost engagement, grow your audience, improve your website’s search engine optimization, increase your popularity on social media, generate a bigger number of sales and even make your marketing campaign international.

All that you have to do is determine the goal in advance and plan for visual content creation respectively. Usually, the same visual content will be suitable for accomplishing more than one marketing goal. Still, a targeted campaign is best when it comes to getting the results that you’re hoping for.

Whether you want to grow your website, increase the popularity of your business on Facebook or build your online reputation, visual content will be ideal for accomplishing the goal. The era of dense content (large chunks of text) is over. Today, you should work on giving your audience diversity, entertainment and quick access to important data. All of these goals can be accomplished through the integration of multiple content formats in the same campaign.

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