Preparing Your Blog to Make Money Online

Lauren Axelrod a blogger who runs a successful Archaeology Site called Ancient Digger had written an article on Factoidz about preparing your blog to make money online. This was a well written article that included some high level overview and basics, but where Lauren really provided me value was when she started commenting to my comments.  Income Artist is another good resource for making money online from your blog.

Lauren achieved a PageRank 6 for her Archaelogy blog mostly through backlinks and is very choosy about advertisers and sponsored payment programs, though she has used all the ones we commonly know of at some point in the past. Her success has allowed her to reach over $1,100 per month in blogging without selling any affiliate products, eBooks and all of this revenue is strictly advertisement related.

I myself have been hoping to reach the 1k mark from advertising alone, so imagine my surprise when she mentioned reaching those marks with a blog that averages around the same number of pageviews yet has a PageRank 4 higher than mine which is stuck at a PR2.

In addition to sharing how she managed to gain backlinks and some of where her advertising revenue comes from, Lauren also mentioned 3 social sites she submits her blogs to that I had never even heard of before including: Dump Trumpet, Solinkable and 2leep. She also mentioned using Blog Engage which I am avid fan of.

So head on over to read Lauren Axelrod’s article on preparing your blog and make sure to read the comments where you will find just as much value if not more than the post itself.

-Justin Germino

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