How to Promote on Twitter For Free

Twitter is a valuable social networking resource not only for communicating with your customers and peers in the industries you are related to, but it can be a promotional tool for your website or business without having to send a single promotional tweet!  All you have to do is make sure you properly optimize your Twitter profile for branding and promotion purposes and you can basically promote your business just by following and networking with others on Twitter.

Here is a video demonstration talking more about optimizing your profile for brand promotion on Twitter:

Promoting on Twitter for Free

Whenever you follow somebody on Twitter you will notice that your “Bio” is displayed in their account when someone looks at their followers, basically by optimizing your Bio to include URL and a phone number (if you run a business that operates by phone) you can gain some simple and free promotion by just following people on Twitter.  This is a very passive way to get your brand out there and following people with fewer followers can actually help get noticed more easily as your Bio can stay on the first page longer than following somebody picking up hundreds of followers per day.  This also helps for when you are following Twitter lists as well.

This of course is just one of the many ways to promote on Twitter but can be one often ignored, the URL you enter in your profile doesn’t show up when you are listed as a follower, so you should always include your URL in your bio.

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