Promoted Tweets: Twitters Advertising Model Announced

Twitter officially announced their integration of paid advertisements in the form of “Promoted Tweets” which will allow advertisers pay to have organic tweets created and appear at the top of relevant search results when you search on twitter’s website. You can read more about Promoted Tweets directly from Twitters blog, but here is the gist of the first phase.

Advertisers can purchase a message (promoted tweet) that will appear at the top of a search result on Twitter. This tweet will be identified as a promoted tweet and look like below:

The promoted tweet will function as any other normal tweet in that it is subject to retweets, reply’s and a valid account had to have created it.

Twitter mentions that they will potentially pull “promoted tweets” that don’t garner public interest or resonate with readers, so advertisement tweets that don’t generate enough retweets, clicks or replies may be pulled from the system, while ones that do gather interest and responses will remain longer.

This is a wise first step for Twitter to introduce sponsored content into the Twitter stream without force blasting advertisement tweets to subscribers who don’t follow the advertiser which many people fear may eventually come.

Personally, how detrimental is it if Twitter were allowed to blast no more than 1 paid advertisement to your twitter profile per day? Would you find this highly intrusive, any more so now than the DM spam that plagues all twitter accounts? What about twitter implementing a small space on twitter profile pages for advertisement banners?

How do you feel about Twitter trying to monetize the network?

-Dragon Blogger

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