PS4.5, NX, Project Scorpio or Xbox One – Which Console is your best bet?

Gaming consoles are in abundant. The industry is flourishing of course, as the advent of new-age gaming equipment has brought in gamers that are not just twelve years old or teenagers. In fact, you get to see many die-hard gaming fans whose ultimate quest is to determine which gaming console serves the best purpose. To know the answer, they are also ready to go to any extent. Well, our advice is you read this blog further and take the easier way to find out.

Gaming has come a long way. From Pacman to PES 2016, there are all kinds of games to constantly tempt and distract you, but for good. It is also getting too hard to keep up with what’s new in gaming consoles. There are a legion of features – multimedia enhancements, lighting-fast performance, improved resolutions, and what not. But which one is your best bet? PS4.5, NX, Project Scorpio or Xbox One – which of all these gaming consoles will leave you satisfied?

To be frank, it’s difficult. Making a choice out of all these options is not easy. They all are more or less perfect in their own ways. However, we are here to help you narrow down on to the best and we will certainly stick to that. Here is our rundown on the best gaming consoles of 2016 and which one should you buy.

PS4.5 – Sony’s plan to launch the most powerful gaming console that will run games at 4K resolution is something that has been fascinating the community ever since rumors have spread out. Codenamed ‘Neo’ the PS4.5 is also rumored to support all or a majority of games available out there. Play Stations have always won hearts by providing the best hardware in the gaming front. They offer higher resolutions with stable frame rates and runs both, big and small games without any issues.

Nintendo NXNintendo’s upcoming console could be a game changer if their makers are to be believed. According to the recently appointed Nintendo president, the new console is going to be the next version of Wii or Wii U, and far better than them or anything developed so far.

Project Scorpio – Also, watch out for this next-gen gaming console that is promising to introduce gamers with a whole new world. 8 cores, 32 GB memory bandwidth, 6 teraflops of performance, 4K resolution – need I say more! The console is set to be released in 2017.

Xbox One – A hardcore gamers’ gig starts with the Xbox One. If you are someone who games a lot, both online as well as offline, you should buy an Xbox One. It has loads of small and helpful features that practically make your gaming experience out of the box. Most of the popular games like Halo and Titanfall are exclusively available on Xbox One. Other than that, the 300,000 live servers of Xbox give traditional gamers the speed and performance they expect from a top-notch gaming console.

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