Should I Put Captcha On My Blog Comments?


I get around 27-40 SPAM comments per day on all 4 of my blogs and these require me to filter through of them as some legitimate comments do get flagged SPAM by accident. I am considering putting Captcha on my comments, so that the spam gets reduced (auto blast submits will be thwarted and I won’t have as much junk in my spam queue hopefully).

I have seen many other blogs use Captcha, most BlogSpot accounts have it as well, I just wanted to get some other blogger opinions? Do you think Captcha is the way to go, or does it reduce casual commentors from commenting? If you use Captcha on your WordPress blog, what plug-in do you recommend that is fastest? I want a plug-in that does not require a redirect to another page and just allows you to input right on the same page/form without issue.

Let me know what you recommend my friends,

-Dragon Blogger

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