Need More Reasons to Use BlogEngage RSS Syndication?

I have already written about why the BlogEngage RSS Syndication is a great option for bloggers or site owners who want to increase exposure and backlinks for their sites.  These included the following reasons which justify the BlogEngage RSS Subscription service.

  • Automatic Article Submission in 6 directories
  • AdSense revenue sharing on your submitted articles to BlogEngage
  • Join Network with hundreds of bloggers and peers for social communication
  • Have your site included in all upcoming BlogEngage contests as a sponsor

These alone were reason enough to justify the $9.99 Platinum Membership or $19.99 business membership, but recently BlogEngage now added an additional feature only to Platinum or Business RSS Subscription Members.


BlogEngage Spotlight

This is called Spotlight and bloggers who purchase the Platinum or Business memberships will be added to the BlogEngage Spotlight program.

The Spotlight program PAYS other bloggers to write articles that showcase your blog/site.  It pays $3 for a blogger to write about a Business RSS Member’s site, and it pay’s $2 for a blogger to write about a Platinum RSS member’s site.

This means BlogEngage is paying other bloggers to write about your site and showcasing your site as a sponsor in all upcoming contests, plus every article gets submitted to 6 directories.  This gives you 6 backlinks online for every article that you publish.  If you publish 1 article per day, this is 30×6=180 backlinks per month just from being part of the BlogEngage RSS Subscription Service.

BlogEngage Membership Fee Waived

BlogEngage now has a membership fee to register and signup, this membership fee is $29.99 and helps prevent spammers and poor quality sites from clogging up the network.  This membership fee also helps fund future contests and the Spotlight feature of BlogEngage.

That being said, if you sign up for a BlogEngage RSS Syndication membership plan (ANY PLAN) you waive the $29.99 BlogEngage Membership fee.  So not only do you get all of the benefits of the BlogEngage RSS Syndication you get immediate access to BlogEngage and can start building your social network without paying a separate membership fee.

Dragon Blogger Pays For BlogEngage

You know that I have an RSS Syndication Business Membership since I have 5 blogs feeding into the syndication and I have already benefited by having 5 other blogs showcase my site in the June 2011 BlogEngage Guest Blogging contest.

Here is an example of some reviews done on specifically as a benefit of being a BlogEngage RSS Subscription Member.

Bottom line my friends, if you are a blogger you should be using the BlogEngage RSS Subscription and sign up for the Platinum or Business benefit.  This is one blogging program that has a fantastic return on investment.

-Justin Germino


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