Reasons for Using FeedMailPro instead of Google FeedBurner

    UPDATE 11-12-2010

I wanted to let everyone know that FeedMailPro is shutting down permanently, the service was good while it lasted but I recommend everyone switch to MailChimp, Feedburner or Aweber to manage their mailing subscriber lists now.

Ed also known a @YesVictory on Twitter and runs the website Guide Goods mentioned an email subscription service called FeedMailPro that I hadn’t heard of before for sending email distributions to customers.

FeedMailPro allows you to not only send your Blog RSS Feed via email to your readers, but allows you to customize how often that email is delivered which is something Feedburner cannot do. If you don’t want to bombard your readers with daily updates, you can set them to once every two days, once a week, month…etc.

Here is a video demonstration of FeedMailPro and what you can do with it:

You can also set up a custom “Thank You” email to subscribers which can include a link to an ebook or gift rewarding subscribers, this is something you can’t do with Feedburner.

In addition, FeedMailPro allows you to send manual emails to all of your email subscribers via a one time blast so that you can promote contests, ebooks or other news that isn’t part of your blog or is not a specific post.

FeedMailPro also allows you to create a custom mailing list for each blog feed that you have, so you can only capture audiences specific to the blog they are subscribed to.

I liked the service so much that I did a video demonstration on how to setup a FeedMail Pro account and import a Feedburner email list:

FeedMail Pro is not a complete replacement for mailing subscriber programs that are designed for Newsletters like Aweber, MailChimp…etc but can replace certain aspects of those services if you were only using them to send email updates to your readers or leverage one of those services for the benefit of a thank you or welcome message. It doesn’t allow customizable templates for the RSS blasts, but gives you some basic customization for custom email blasts.

One thing to note, if you import an RSS list, to help minimize SPAM and abuse the FeedMailPro sends a test blast on the 1st day to 10 random people on your list, then will blast 100 on the 2nd day, then a thousand on the third day (if you have a thousand or more) it gauges how many people unsubscribe or report abuse to determine if your list was truly a list of people who voluntarily subscribed.  This prevents people form abusing the system and adding emails to the system that didn’t actually subscribe and would be offended or unsubscribe if they suddenly received an unwarranted email.

I was surprised by how much you can do with FeedMail Pro for free, you can have your subscriber list per RSS feed and you can send unlimited email updates for free to those subscribers. At $10 per month for unlimited emails there are no pricing tiers at all for using the service if you have thousands of email subscribers and I highly recommend it to my readers if you are looking for a more interactive way to connect with your blog email subscribers, yet don’t want to start doing full blown newsletters for your website yet.

You can sign up at and test it out here for yourself.

-Dragon Blogger

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