How to Recover Forgotten Windows Login Password with UUkeys

It is recommended that you make your Windows computer password protected as the attempts to hacking have increased over the years. There have been many instances when ransomware attacks have happened for Windows operating systems and money has been demanded for payment before such systems were made accessible to the users. It is necessary that one understand the security measures they should have on their computer and this can be done by secure and strong password.

Nowadays there are two-step verification methods as well. However, usually strong passwords are difficult to decrypt; hence, many people get into the dilemma of having to seek out long winded solutions to find out passwords that they have set for their Windows operating system and forgotten. For such people UUkeys Windows Password Mate promises to be an effective password reset tool. This can help reset as well as bypass any kind of login password one has set.

What is UUkeys Windows Password Mate?

This application has been designed to aid in password recovery. Any Windows computer that gets locked can be opened by this tool. Many customers have tried this tool and expressed their satisfaction in having been able to reset their Windows password in an effortless manner. There is a password reset disk that can be created with this tool and it works with all versions of Windows operating system. No matter which Windows version your computer works on, it will work smoothly on all of them.

Benefits Derived from UUkeys Windows Password Mate

It works by creating a reset disk either on a USB stick or CD or DVD. It can help to remove any kind of passwords that you might set, not only for the operating system you use but for other applications as well. It can also recover password of any form, whether they are of text or picture form. It is known to work on different Windows versions such as Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista and others. There would be no data loss that one would experience when using this tool. It can help to set up new administrative user accounts as well as to remove existing users from one’s PC. The application is also light in size and is easy to follow and put to use. There is multilingual support provided as well.

How UUkeys Windows Password Mate Works?

When one is locked out of their computer, they need to have administrator privileges for the same. They also need to have access to USB stick or a CD and DVD and the UUkeys program. It is best to borrow someone’s laptop in case you are locked out of your own computer. You need to download UUkeys program and allow the installation to take place. You need to launch the program and insert the CD/DVD or USB on the computer. You need to click on the drop down icon that appears and choose your device name. Choose to burn the USB so that the program gets burnt as an ISO image file. This can then help create a password reset disk. Once the burning has been completed, you can then insert the same in the locked computer. As soon as the monitor screen comes on you need to press the F2 button. When a new Boot menu comes up choose the device name and proceed to boot the program from the flash drive or CD/DVD drive.

Once the program is loaded on your startup monitor, you will be asked to key in the main username of your computer. You need to choose the reset password option. Once the option finishes functioning, you would be asked to reboot your computer.

Final Note

UUkeys is known to work well and the instructions are not too difficult to follow. In order to make it easier it is advised that one downloads the program from before and saves it on USB or CD/DVD. That in turn will ensure that the tool is ready for use. It will help one to save themselves the problem of having to download the program from some other computer. The above points showcase the ease of use and effectiveness of the tool that is provided for Windows users.

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