ReFollow: Unfollow Twitter Users Who Have No Profile Picture

I have to give props to Karen from BlazingMinds for writing about Unfollowing Twitter users with no picture for if she hadn’t written this article I would not have found Refollow which may be one of the best online twitter tools I have found to date.

I liked using the tool so much in fact, that I created a video demonstration showing users how easy it is to manage your twitter followers with Refollow:

With this tool you can do an array of follow or unfollow options:

Including unfollowing people who dont’ have a profile picture, haven’t tweeted in X number of days or are not following you or following other peoples followers based on location, if they aren’t following you or so much more.

With this tool you can look at all the followers of someone local in your state, then just pick out who is following them and has the same state in the location field and follow them. This will help local businesses and twitter accounts who cater to locals build their followers and following from local twitter accounts where they wouldn’t have as much benefit from having people in Europe or Asia following a local bakery in Arizona.

Refollow has so many options for managing followers that I find myself using this site to help manage all 5 of the twitter accounts I deal with online.

I highly recommend it, watch my training video above to see what it can do in action.

-Dragon Blogger

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