Review and Build inside the ThermalTake Core X31 PC Case

Final Thoughs


It is evident that Thermaltake took their time with this design, thinking everything through making things work where they should not.  This is a Mid-Tower Chassis that supports at most an ATX board, but I was able to fit an E-ATX board.  The reason they don’t list E-ATX or SSI EEB is because E-ATX is not exactly what gamer’s think it is or most PC builders for that matter.  E-ATX’s measurement is actually 12” x 13” and the EVGA X99 Classified is actually 12” x 10.38”, just under E-ATX standards.  Gaming board’s definition for the E in E-ATX is Enthusiast not Extended.  While the EVGA X99 Classified and its dimensions fit, surely a 12” x 13” board will not.

Along with that forward thinking, they allow for a ton of drive options and even support the mostly forgotten optical drive.


  • Amazingly affordable
  • Intelligent use of space inside and outside of the case
    • Drives on top of the PSU cover
    • Drives on the backside of the case
    • Space for drives and cables on the back
  • Allows for many drives
  • Allows for many different Liquid cooling options and placements
  • Allows for many different air cooling options and placements
  • Includes all the accessories needed
  • Offers a very large windowed side panel
  • Generous grove for screwing in cards is very welcomed.
  • 25” are multi-function and allow for Opticals, and/or 2.5” drive and/or 3.5” drives or to entirely remove 5.25” bays
  • Very well ventilated
  • More than you will expect from a Mid Tower Case


  • Does not include lighted fans (though you can buy the RGB version instead: or you can buy other lighted fans
  • Allows for 3 drives in the drive cage and 3 in the back, but not at the same time. Should include extra trays or at least an option to purchase them.
  • Cable ties are pretty bad, can barely be called cable ties.

While there are cons, they are not con enough to detract from the final score of 5 Stars, high recommended.  This case fits just about anything and everything larger cases fit for a fraction of the cost and size.  Amazing job Thermaltake.


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