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It is evident that Thermaltake took their time with this design, thinking everything through making things work where they should not.  This is a Mid-Tower Chassis that supports at most an ATX board, but I was able to fit an E-ATX board.  The reason they don’t list E-ATX or SSI EEB is because E-ATX is not exactly what gamer’s think it is or most PC builders for that matter.  E-ATX’s measurement is actually 12” x 13” and the EVGA X99 Classified is actually 12” x 10.38”, just under E-ATX standards.  Gaming board’s definition for the E in E-ATX is Enthusiast not Extended.  While the EVGA X99 Classified and its dimensions fit, surely a 12” x 13” board will not.

Along with that forward thinking, they allow for a ton of drive options and even support the mostly forgotten optical drive.


  • Amazingly affordable
  • Intelligent use of space inside and outside of the case
    • Drives on top of the PSU cover
    • Drives on the backside of the case
    • Space for drives and cables on the back
  • Allows for many drives
  • Allows for many different Liquid cooling options and placements
  • Allows for many different air cooling options and placements
  • Includes all the accessories needed
  • Offers a very large windowed side panel
  • Generous grove for screwing in cards is very welcomed.
  • 25” are multi-function and allow for Opticals, and/or 2.5” drive and/or 3.5” drives or to entirely remove 5.25” bays
  • Very well ventilated
  • More than you will expect from a Mid Tower Case


  • Does not include lighted fans (though you can buy the RGB version instead: or you can buy other lighted fans
  • Allows for 3 drives in the drive cage and 3 in the back, but not at the same time. Should include extra trays or at least an option to purchase them.
  • Cable ties are pretty bad, can barely be called cable ties.

While there are cons, they are not con enough to detract from the final score of 5 Stars, high recommended.  This case fits just about anything and everything larger cases fit for a fraction of the cost and size.  Amazing job Thermaltake.


Iggy Castillo

Iggy Castillo

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