Review of the Alienware Area51 R2

Realworld Gameplay


So let’s get to some games, I will start the match up with Battlefield 4, then I will stir up some trouble in Grand Theft Auto V go back to a simpler time and vanquish some demons in Nosgoth.

First off on the list is Battlefield 4, let’s go kick some butt

Ok, maybe I didn’t do so great but you can see just how smooth gameplay was, the framerate was out of this world.  I have never played the game so smoothly in my life with everything maxed out, all of the eye candy on.

Next up on the list is Grand Theft Auto V, a gallery of beautiful cars, rough streets and even more rough people.  Let’s go destroy a gallery.

Yet again, I am impressed by the sheer fluidity of the game play and how pretty the world is with everything turned up high, or ultra.  The light shining off of the cars, reflections and shadows, bodies flying, all look stunning, amazing even.

Sometimes you are fed up with the bright lights and the streets and want to go back to a time with no electronics, no cars, just you and nature.  When you are done there, it’s time to hunt some demons and restore the peace or just embrace your inner demon and tear the flesh off of some mortal’s, well, there’s a game for that, let’s check out some Nosgoth.

That game is so much fun to get rid of some stress or maybe to build up more, pick your poison.  The game as good as it is, seems very poorly optimized, there’s no reason why it should drop to the 30’s in frame rate.  I watched my son play it a few times after testing it out, I fell in love with it.  I will say the game takes a few minutes to load on his machine, graphics aside even though he does have an SSD and on this one, takes seconds.  So loading wise, its tops but graphics, it seems to fall slightly behind, even though I did have all the eye candy turned up, 3 x GTX980’s shouldn’t even break a sweat and give you over 100 FPS, but that’s not the case in this game.  Reading around the internet, I find everyone has the same problem though.

Now on to the maintenance side.

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