Revolutionizing esports betting:

A new betting platform is coming out of the dark in the world of eSports and it happens to be powered by former eSports enthusiasts and professionals, the name is The aim of is to provide the best and exclusive knowledge of the industry to make the members aware of what they want to wager on.

To join this exclusive website, you can either create a new account in very simple steps or can just log in through social media networks.

My bets section

One can easily keep a record of the bets placed in the past in the “My Bets” section. There is also an option of how you can sort your previous bets, by date, etc. This feature helps the members to keep the record of every single transaction made by him/her on the bets and also grant quite an easy access to the investments.

To provide something different as compared to other betting platforms, the site has designed a new feature by the name on Team Contributions which is simply means that if the team you placed your bet on happens to win then you can donate a percentage of your winning to your team which will help in the expansion of the team and ultimately, the esports betting. For example, if you want to contribute your money towards any Dota 2 team, then go to and place the bet on your favorite team. This idea could very well be the boost that needs to make it big not only in eSports betting but as well as an overall betting platform. There are also team rankings which will greatly help you to make a smart choice on which team you should be placing your bet on.

Other features of include a large number of offers and promotions on bets, and there is a one just simple rule to take the befit of the offer; just signup.

Security level of

As far as security is concerned, happens to be protected by McAfee Secure which happens to be a renowned security software, which just shows that the organization wants to make the experience of the users not only an exciting one but also a very secure one.

While you are an exclusive member of the site just keep your password and username out of the reach of the vultures and leave the cyber security to the developers of the site. Bet placement, your personal information, and your online transactions are in good hands of the site’s security panel.

And if you are facing any problems or confusions, then the customer care service is all you need and is there 24/7 which will guide you all the information and will also direct you to what information you want, regarding payment registration, etc.

Tom Parillo

Tom Parillo

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