Rock Their Socks Off: 10 Gift Inspirations That Techies Would Love

Tis the season to be giving! Now that Christmas is approaching, I’ve been hearing everyone around me asking, “Have you gotten your Playstation 4 yet?” and “Are you getting the XBOX One before the PS4?”

Granted, these two tops the list of must-have gifts this year-end, but I think these consoles can wait. If you want to impress your techie friend, other half, or sibling with something out of the ordinary, or simply want to give yourself a present that will cause other people to cast envious stares, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are the best 10 gift ideas for techies this Christmas. Unusual, amazing, handy – one thing’s for sure, they surely are different!

1. Dog Leash Plus ($20.99)

Know a techie friend who’s also a dog lover? Then surprise him or her with a Dog Leash Plus. Manufactured by Protocol, this leash is the creme de la creme when it comes to hi-tech dog leashes. It features:

  • an LCD clock – never lose track of time again when you go for long walks!
  • an LED flashlight – helps you and your four-legged pal stay safe when it’s dark
  • a pop-up water bowl – help your pooch stay hydrated on hot days
  • treat container/dispenser – never let your pockets smell of stale doggie treats again
  • a slot that contains two rolls of bags – for your pooping scooping pleasure!

This retractable dog leash is suitable for small or medium-sized dogs. While it’s rather bulky to carry around, think of the extra space you’ll have for your gadgets when you and Fido go out for your daily walk.

Doggie fashionistas can choose from the four colorways available for the Dog Leash Plus (Midnight, Yellow/Green, Plum and Blue) to ensure that it matches their outfit. The flashlight requires 3 AAA batteries (not included) to work so be sure to stock them up, too.

Interested? You can purchase the Dog Leash Plus from Perpetual Kid. Just ordered it? You can watch Fred Flare’s short Vine vid on basic operations so you can get started right away.

2. Belkin x Lego iPad/iPhone Case ($29.99 – $59.99)

If you know someone who’s fanatic about collecting unique covers for his or her mobile gadgets, then chances are that they will probably go BALLISTIC over this (I know I did!) series of Belkin Lego iPad/iPhone cases.

Why should you buy it?

  • It looks bloody good
  • The hard plastic keeps your tablet/smartphone safe
  • Features a LEGO baseplate (12 studs wide x 20 studs tall)
  • Again, it looks SO good!

One downside is that there is a lack of LEGO bricks starter pack of sorts. I’d love to see that provided, maybe as a future add-on?

3. Social Media Jeans by Replace ($199 – $299)

At first glance, the Social Denim by Replay, an Italian brand, looks just like any other pair of jeans. But what sets it apart from other generic pairs is the fact that it is equipped with a special vinyl pocket and bluetooth transmitter. Having a smartphone (with a dedicated app installed) lets the transmitter interact with it, allowing you to share your location and mood on the go. This is great for people who want to update their whereabouts or mood instantly. As an additional benefit, if you happen to walk past any Replay stores while wearing your Social Denim jeans, you’ll get notifications on discounts or sales that are currently happening.

Want to look stylish and socially active? Get these pair of jeans, available in blue or black, in a variety of regular-slim or skinny fit.

4. No Place Like Home Shoes (Price N/A)

Remember how Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz got home using her ruby slippers? Now you can do the same too, with your very own pair of No Place Like Home Shoes. A creation from Dominic Wilcox, it has less bling, admittedly, but its built-in GPS will get you home in no time!

To activate your GPS footwear (incidentally they aren’t really ruby-colored, but they do look good, you must admit), just program your destination at a small panel located at one of the heels). Look at your left shoe where the GPS is located to see where you should head to be on the right path – this is indicated through a series of LED lights on the surface. Want to know how far you are from your destination? Just glance at your right shoe and the row of red LED lights will light up the closer you are to the place you want to go.

5. Social Snapshot Glasses / Instaglasses (Price N/A)

Ever wished you have cameras built into your eyes so that you can capture every single memorable moment in your life? Well, you don’t really have to go such lengths just like this “eyeborg” guy did, but you CAN get an alternative in the form of these exquisite Instaglasses.

So, why are they so cool? And why not, when you don’t need to fumble for your phone again when say, a squirrel parachutes down right in front of you. Just push a little button to activate the camera and you can easily share your photos to the rest of the unfortunate masses who do not have their own pair of Instaglasses to show off.

A brainchild of German designer, Markus Gerke, these Instaglasses will inspire similar products in the future and may create a more competitive edge for mobile gadgets when it comes to social sharing.

6. Logitech Washable Keyboard ($39.99)

If you, or a techie friend, are forever destroying keyboards and rendering them useless when you spill hot coffee/instant ramen/orange Jello, then do yourself a favor and buy this washable keyboard from Logitech.

Like its name implies, this keyboard is thoroughly washable and is easy to dry afterwards. It’s durable too, so you need not worry about washing the numbers and letters off your keyboard as it features laser printing and UV coating.

A plus point is that it gives users a plush feeling similar to using a Mac-styled keyboard. Excellent functionality and great design, what more could you ask for in a washable keyboard?

7. Orange Power Wellies Recharger Boots (Price N/A)

Phone low on power? You can choose to whip out a powerbank just like everyone else, OR you can be cool and environmentally-friendly by charging your phone (or other mobile devices) with this pair of Orange Power Wellies Recharger Boots.

How is this possible? For one, it utilizes “power generating soles” that allows you to charge your electronics, but only IF you have accrued twelve hours’ worth of walking in it. Once you do, you’ll gain an extra hour for your phones and tablets. It looks cool too, if you ask me.

8. iTypewriter (Price N/A)

Some naysayers claimed that it’s ridiculous, while others said that it’s a cumbersome object to have around. But retro-tech lovers will absolutely adore the iTypewriter. It not only lets you type effortlessly without making mistakes you’d otherwise make on the iPad screen, but it also looks uber-awesome when displayed at home or in the office.

9. LEGO Mindstorms EV3 ($399.99)

Two different LEGO product in one gift inspiration list? Yep, it’s Christmas alright.

The LEGO Mindstorms series of creative toys need no introductions. The LEGO Mindstorms EV3 lets you built your very own robot that comes with touch sensor, color sensor, infrared sensor. Hi-tech parts aside, you’ll also get more than 550 pieces of LEGO Technic elements to breathe life into your new robot pal!

10. GER Mood Sweater (Price N/A)

Remember the days when mood rings were popular? Then perhaps you may want to look into these new GER Mood Sweaters by Sensoree. The GER here stands for Galvanic Extimacy Responder and was created using the same technology powering lie detector machines you see in TV cop shows.

How does it work? When worn, the built-in sensors read your body’s excitement levels and turn the data into signals, which will then cause the sweater to emit multiple colors depending on the wearer’s mood.

Sensoree is taking preorders for this unique item – once you’ve submitted the questionnaire, you will be notified once the orders are ready. Only 100 pieces will be made, so you’d better hurry and see if you’re the lucky few who’ll be able to own it.

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