Sapphire NITRO+ Radeon RX Vega64 8GB HBM2 Limited Edition Review

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Let’s check out the Pros and Cons to help me gather my thoughts on this.


  • Tons of ports to fit almost any monitor (except DVI)
  • Supports 4 x 4K displays
  • FreeSync Support
  • Supports DX12
  • 0DB Fan mode
  • Quick Connect Fan Replacement
  • NITRO Glow RGB is a nice little toy
  • Dual BIOS support
  • Includes Video card support bracket
  • Includes 3 fans
  • Support additional fans and regulates their speeds
  • Supports VR


  • Does not include any adapters or adapter cables (incase you have 3 x HDMI or 3 Display port monitors)
  • No overclocking software included or available on Sapphire website that supports this card  aside from AMD’s own built in software.
  • Requires 3 x 8Pin PCI-e connections.
  • Takes up 3 x PCI slots
  • The card is very long

This card is the top tier of AMD and Sapphires cards and the performance shows.  At 2560 x 1440, it can play all games on Ultra and it’s buttery smooth, but don’t try 4K.  While most people are fine at 2560 x 1440 and even more at 1920 x 1080, that kind of leaves those who prefer 4K out in the dark.  4K will work, it will work fine unless you try to game at 4K with all the eye candy on as you can see from the benchmark results above.

The card really does not get that hot when it is at stock speeds and depending how you setup the fans when overclocking it should not get hot but it could get loud.  As it is now, Sapphire did an amazing job cooling this card.

Sadly, I cannot base a portion of this review based off of cost, because at this moment prices are all out of whack because of GPU mining and not to mention, this card is VERY HARD to find, anywhere, hence the Limited-Edition name tag.

If you currently own a Freesync monitor, this card would do you very well, sadly I only have a basic 60Hz Asus PB287Q monitor.  Freesync will allow you to get the extra and needed performance for 4K and just give you that extra push below 4K.

The recommendation for this card was to use an 850Watt Power supply but in my testing the highest wattage consume was 564.  I am not telling you to not get an 850Watt power supply, I myself have a 1200Watt Power supply, have had it for almost 10 years and have not had to upgrade or replace it once so you end up saving after time, but something to think about if you are planning on getting this video card.

Now, this card has been great but it falls flat on the price, being more expensive than a GTX1080 and performing almost like a GTX1080.  I would say, for this much you should be able to get 4K games smooth but not many people fork over the cash for a 4K anyway and you also get the ability to utilize FreeSync without the royalties of G-SYNC, so there is good an bad.  You might end up getting the Vega64 and a FreeSync monitor for the same price as a GTX1080/GTX1080 TI and a G-Sync monitor, so the price would even out.  As a gamer, there are those that are AMD fanboys and NVIDIA fanboys and there is nothing completely wrong about that but as a reviewer I cannot be biased, so the choice is yours with the information I have provided.  Although with prices as out of whack as they are now, who knows how much you will pay.

With that, I give this card a 4.5 Editors choice.  If it were cheaper, it would be a 5 star editors choice but normally I take an entire star for cost, but because the price evens out depending on the monitor purchased, I only reduce half a star.

Guys please chime in, I would love to know what you think.  Did I rate this too high or not high enough?

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