Sapphire Radeon NITRO+ RX 470 4GB OC 11256-01-20G Review

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Let’s check out the Pros and Cons to help me gather my thoughts on this.


  • Tons of ports to fit almost any monitor
  • Supports 4 x 4K displays
  • FreeSync Support
  • Supports DX12
  • 0DB Fan mode
  • Quick Connect Fan Replacement
  • Aluminum Backplate (For Better Cooling)
  • NITRO Glow RGB is a nice little toy
  • The RGB on the cards seems a little gimmicky, though some people like thatMost manufacturers are on that bandwagon.
  • LED BIOS Mode Switch in case you don’t want to install Sapphire TRIXX 3.0.
  • Affordable for the speeds provided and headroom
  • Sapphire TRIXX 3.0 is a nice Utility
  • Dual BIOS support
  • Overclocks very well to achieve speeds and performance of the 480 and surely beyond.


  • Does not include any adapters or adapter cables
    • Could be important for people that have 2 x DVI Monitors, 3 x HDMI Monitors, 3 x DP monitors, etc…

This card is jammed with performance at a great cost but you can squeeze tons more performance.  While it does have a host of different ways to connect your monitor (2 x HDMI, 2 x DP, DVI-D) it does not include additional adapters.

It cannot handle the highest end of games with everything maxed out and give you 60FPS or higher but for a relatively affordable card; it does a good job at what it can do.  Since it is more affordable than higher end cards, you could get a 2nd card and crossfire them and get tons more performance.  Even for a single card it has plenty of headroom for even more performance.

The card is well priced, but only for about $10 more you can get the 8Gig version and for about $50 more, you can get the Sapphire Radeon NITRO+ RX480.  Sapphire is pricing their cards aggressively and the price fluctuates on Amazon often, so its hard to nail down a score based off of pricing.

I am giving this card 5 out of 5 Stars, an Editor’s Choice.  It has great performance for being a middle tier card, you can easily get the performance of the next card up, the 480. You can just as easily save for another week or 2 and get the 480 and overclock that.  I want to give this card a little less than an Editor’s choice because of the confusion,… but they are doing right by you so if I had a 6th star to give them, I would.  AMD and Sapphire and aggressively pushing this GPU and they are doing a great job.

This drives competition among the AMD graphics card partners and I think heats things up on the green team.


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