Sapphire Radeon NITRO+ RX 480 8GB OC Review

Gameplay and Performance

There is nothing better than seeing things first hand, so let’s check out some gameplay, this also gives me a great excuse to play some games.

Grand Theft Auto V at Ultra (Though I did change settings mid through the video, I show you everything)

OK, not bad, but since this I did have this card during the Open Beta, let’s check out some Battlefield One Beta Gameplay.

OK, I really like this game, so here is a little more.

And well, since I do still love Battlefield 4, here is some Battlefield 4 Gameplay

And here is Tom Clancy’s the Division.

You can see the frame rates did not get into the 60’s, but it still ran very well.

OK, now that we have all that, we can come to a conclusion of the card… well not really.  Let’s benchmark the card itself overclocked.

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