Sapphire Radeon NITRO+ RX460OC 4GB 11257-02-20G Review

Gameplay and Performance

FPS and pictures are good and everything, but nothing is better than seeing it in action.  So I will play a few games for you to show you what this card can do.

I played Paragon here, a pretty cool free MOBA tower defense type game, I liked it a lot and the graphics are pretty good too.

OK, that was actually pretty nice, I used Bandicam to record my videos and normally I would use the H264 (CPU) codec, the videos recorded under this setting looked  like rainbows flowing in water, very odd.  I switched to H264 (AMD APP) and everything recorded perfectly, but FPS took a big hit in this game and a few others.

With that explained, lets jump to League of Legends.  Another free MOBA tower defense type game that’s loads of fun.  Sadly I never played this one before either, but I quickly fell in love with it.

Then here, I play an oldie but a goody, I used to play the original Counter Strike for days on end, though this is the first time I played Counter Strike: Global Offensive and it was pretty good, I thought i had a key, but thankfully my buddy Andreas Niggemann had an extra he spared for me.  Thanks again Andreas.

The Sapphire Radeon Nitro RX460Oc played this game super smooth, and it wasn’t even overclocked.  Though it too suffered the CODEC fate and played much smoother when not being recorded.

The games ran all very well, and there will be more coming soon but I wanted to show you that.  OK so you saw the stock performance, and especially being a budget card, we want to squeeze a little extra performance out of it, so let’s give it a try.

Iggy Castillo
I have spent many years in the PC boutique name space as Product Development Engineer for Alienware and later Dell through Alienware's acquisition and finally Velocity Micro. During these years I spent my time developing new configurations, products and technologies with companies such as AMD, Asus, Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA and more. The Arts, Gaming, New & Old technologies drive my interests and passion. Now as my day job, I am an IT Manager but doing reviews on my time and my dime.
Iggy Castillo
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