Screencast Demo of Leapfish Real Time Search

I have written about Leapfish a few times before and I wanted to take the time to do a video demonstration showing you why I think Leapfish is one of the best search engines and portals on the web. Leapfish has among the most customizable modular homepage that allows you to build custom news modules at your fingertips, in addition you can have access to your twitter and facebook accounts right on your homepage.

In addition to home page modules and searches that return every category of search you could possibly want, Leapfish also does real time searching now and includes results from Twitter for the keywords you search for. This means not only can you find the latest blog articles, news, video’s and images for whatever you search for, but you can find out who is saying what about that keyword in real time.

Check out my video demonstration on how Leapfish works:

I personally use Leapfish as my homepage customized with my dragonblogger account, I use it to show the latest Mashable items, technology news, twitter and facebook tweets and sale items at I think it is a great starting point to open my browser and have instant access to today’s Twitter trends, news articles right at my fingertips and more than one blog post was inspired just by seeing some of the latest headlines on my Leapfish homepage.

Give Leapfish a try, you won’t be sorry that you did.

-Dragon Blogger

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