Search Engine Algorithms Changes – How to Make Your Site Less Vulnerable

Search engine algorithms used to determine the significance of a web page comprise a set of rules or formulas. They scrutinize the contents of a web page to determine whether they have data that people would have an interest in. They are usually updated, thus becoming a headache to web designers who have to comply with the new set of rules or formulas to maintain the rank of their sites. Since these updates are inevitable, web designers are forced to devise ways to ensure that their effects are not adverse to the sites. Some of the suggested ways to ensure your sites are less vulnerable to these changes include the following:

Focus on target keywords

Search engines can enable your site to get more traffic if you have ranked more keywords. Focus more on closely related keywords to ensure you do not dilute the existing traffic. If you want to explore new keywords, be ready to revert to the previous keywords if the effect is deteriorating the traffic flow.

Regular posting of new content

Ensure your site is busy by posting new content on a regular basis. This ensures you are able to maintain the current flow and also have a chance to create more traffic. This is best achieved when posting is done at short, regular intervals, so each post is given enough time to excel in ranking and then replaced with another post. Avoid posting to much content at once (and after a long interval) as it may not really yield the intended purpose due to factors like the changes in search engine algorithms.

Explore other avenues

You can enhance your traffic flow from promoting your site online. This reduces the effects of search engine changes experienced when you only depend on it for traffic flow. You can also choose to diversify your sources by using a PPC (Pay Per Click) ad, which is more reliable to increase your traffic, although there is extra cost involved. Social media is becoming more popular with everyone having an account either on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This is free traffic flow that can be taken advantage of.

Use fewer competitive keywords

This one is a no-brainer. Keywords which are less competitive will put the website on safer ground. First, there will be fewer websites using the keywords and the probability of ranking higher than all of them is higher. On the other hand, those using obvious keywords everyone is using may rank way far down if things went wrong.  When Google changes their algorithms, they change the ranking depending on what is now applicable. With the changes, a website that has fewer competitive keywords still stands a chance to rank high. Even if things were to get worse and get a ranking of the lowest, you are still safe as there are not many websites above you.

Long tail keywords should be optimized

As much as they are equally important in SEO efforts, most people see them as less effective as they do not attract a higher traffic as the others. Unknown to many people is that long tail keywords do not get badly affected by changes in Google algorithms. The secret is that there is no competition here and therefore a good avenue to take advantage of this.

To ensure that your website benefits fully from this, hire the services services today. They have enough experience and resources to protect your website from Google algorithm changes.


Tom Parillo

Tom Parillo

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