Search Engines Racing Each Other in Real Time Search

When Google announced their real time search was coming soon they did so with a flashy YouTube video that showcased how the functionality would work with light music in the background.

Leapfish was the first to bring real time search to the masses and demonstrated it weeks before Google even released their video, don’t you think it odd how similar Google’s video was to the Leapfish one?

Here was the Leapfish Real Time search video from several weeks ago:

Now Microsoft has the rights to integrate Facebook into the Bing search engine before Google or any other players, in a well played move by Microsoft. Leapfish meanwhile being the first to integrate twitter into real time search is continuing to innovate and lead the pack in real time search. Leapfish now announces that it will be integrating Digg, Facebook, Crunchbase and Scribd into search results which only further expand the capabilities of searching. No longer do you have to go to and then search for articles, or search for people on, you can keep Leapfish as your homepage and search for all of this, including over 10 million published documents on Scribt in your search results.

One other addition, whereas Google search appears to always include “real time” results at the top of the search listing, Leapfish continues to separate out real time searches as something a user can choose to include or not include in their searches.

While Microsoft and Google keep attempting to battle each other in the area of innovative real time search, Leapfish forges ahead and continues to be the first to implement additional search functionality.

Realistically though I want to ask my readers about what you think about real time search? Is this just a fad and hype? Most times when I do searches on Leapfish or Google myself, I am looking for details, instructions, technical documents, dictionary words, or even news. I have been testing and using various real time searches myself, and though I have found interesting things with real time search (like searching for traffic accidents on streets, or looking for specific restaurants around the valley) I find that with my real time searching on, I rarely actually do anything but passively read a few of them, most of the content I am looking for comes from the traditional articles and isn’t in the real time search results for me.

What are your thoughts on the hype around real time search? Do you see it being valuable to you or your organization?

-Dragon Blogger

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