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As my readers know I had suffered a small plethora of web hosting issues over the past several weeks with my blogs, I currently switched to my current web hosting providers Virtual Private Hosting plans in the hopes that I will gain stability and my problems will go away.

However, I did decide to do some research about other web hosting providers and learn more about what plans are offered and who is top rated, in preparation should I have to switch hosting providers in the near future.

One thing I was interested in is finding out who offers the best hosting with a dedicated server as I did switch to a Virtual Private Server plan and wanted to know what competitors were out there and what prices and performance were available to me.

I will tell you that dedicated server hosting, which is different from Virtual Private Hosting is expensive but necessary if you are running a major commercial website. They have some of the top rated private servers in the business with some incredible rates, if not pretty high for the average blogger that start from $99 per month and range up to $300 per month. I am not quite ready for such prime time hosting but if your site gets hundreds of thousands of visits per month or in the millions of visits per week you most definately will be needing private servers.

I also checked out options in the green hosting section to see what providers offered in the way of eco friendy hosting options, you would be surprised that you can get affordable green hosting from a variety of hosting providers for as low as $3.99 per month in some cases.

Just as an added information to my readers, I found that my current hosting provider DreamHost is currently listed as #6 in the top 10 for green hosting providers, but wasn’t in the top 10 in any other category I checked. If you are also looking for hosting on the cheap, under the budget web hosting there are some providers where if you pre-pay three years of hosting, the monthly rate is just $1.99 per month which is incredibly affordable.

Without a shadow of a doubt Web Hosting Geeks is the best website I have found online if you are looking for a new hosting provider, they themselves are not a hosting provider but compile a list of dozens of other hosting provides and stack their features in side by side comparisons so that you can compare and make an informed decision.

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