How to Send Texts From Your PC with MightyText

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Ok, techies, nerds, and social media addicts. Multi-tasking from your desk is about to get a whole lot easier and if you ever wondered how to send text messages from your PC, then this article is for you.

If you are like me, you spend countless hours a week in front of a glowing screen and keyboard, whether for fun or for work. We also happen to live in a digitally connected world with gadgets galore. When I arrive at my office, I unload my laptop, plug in my phone, my iPod, my emergency charger, etc. Well, I recently discovered a way to simplify things down just a little bit for us Android users. There is a great program I discovered called MightyText.


Here’s the quick and gritty break down:


Photo Credit: MightyText


Install the app to your phone. You will be asked to link it to your Google account for your phone. This will allow it access to your contacts and such. Then, you install the program itself. It has support for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and even Safari browsers (and Opera is en route). That is all you need to do! You will now be able to open a window within your browser and see when you have new SMS and MMS messages, without having to pick up your phone. You can reply back within the same browser window as well, increasing your productivity while you goof off (a very high selling point for the overachieving underachiever like myself). It will even notify you of incoming calls, so you can decide whether you want to even pick up your phone or not. And how can we forget how great it will be to still use text and mms on those days we were so brilliant that we forgot our phone at home or in the car!? Now you can still remain in the loop, even when your phone is across the city.


As this software is still in beta, it is not without it’s flaws. I noticed that MMS can be a bit buggy at times. It will show you the message and claim it has downloaded it, but will error out when you try to view it. This usually corrects itself within 5-10 minutes and you can view it within the browser. Why this is, is beyond me but I can only gather it has something to do with the formatting of the MMS since it is random (as far as I can tell).  There is a little more limited functionality within the app than your phone itself. I found myself, a couple times already, needing to revert to the phone so that I could forward a picture or a text message. This could be something that will be addressed in later versions though.

Final Notes: 

Something to note: If you use Google Voice as I do, you will find MightyText will still work. I haven’t had issues with it in the week or so I have been using it. The text messages and calls will forward through, with maybe a slight delay (We are talking a minute or less here, folks. Hardly noticeable, for me). With this, I actually found myself uninstalling the Google Voice extension for Chrome, as this replaces it and adds the functionality of working with my phone directly. I found myself getting attached to this very quickly and do not see me uninstalling it anytime soon. You can find more information and install it from


Are there any programs or apps that you use to get similar results? How has using apps like this increased your productivity or made your day that much easier? Tell us in the comments!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.