Cash Prizes for SEO Contest from Evoire

Disclaimer: This was a sponsored post, commissioned by I was compensated to learn about the 2010 SEO contest and share information about the SEO contest with my readers. The words and opinions are mine and mine alone.

I wanted to share with you a very interesting contest being hosted by Evoire which is an Adsense-Sharing Article Submission service.  The contest called the 2010 SEO Contest is calling for users to sign up and promote their profile pages.  By ranking your profile pages in the top 3 search engine listings for your chosen keyword you can win one of 3 prizes.

The 2010 SEO Contest has some unique challenges as with this contest you are not promoting an article submission entry you are promoting your profile page instead.  So you don’t have the ability to submit your profile to many social media submission services or article directories as you would with a blog post.

To rise up the challenge and join the contest you have to do the following:

First create an account with and build out your profile page.


You then have to SEO and promote your Profile page only which is<yourprofile>

The SEO keyword to use will be provided at the start of the contest on August 1st and if you choose to create a profile after August 1st you cannot use the SEO Keyword as part of your profile name.  This will get you banned from the contest as well as if you create multiple profiles and try to enter the contest more than once at the same time.

I think this is an interesting contest and it basically puts everyone on equal playing field allowing you to tap all your SEO tips, tricks and knowledge to try and get your profile page to rank the highest.

Note:  Blackhat SEO techniques are not supported and you will be disqualified if you use these type of tactics.  These would include keyword stuffing individual pages or sites as well as other methods to generate backlinks.

On to the prizes:

Evoire SEO Contest Prizes:

  • 1st – Prize = US$350 (Rank #1)
  • 2nd – Prize = US$100 (Rank #2)
  • 3rd – Prize = US$50 (Rank #3)

The 2010 SEO Contest starts on August 1st 2010 at 12:00 GMT and ends at Sunday October 31st 2010 at 12:00 GMT.  This is your chance to create some buzz around your Evoire profile page and see if you can rank in the top search spot for your chosen keyword(s).

Also note that this contest is “International” and open to every country, you do not have to be a resident of the US to enter the contest.


The contest updated and increased their prize offering to the following:

  • 1st – Prize = US$450 (Rank #1)
  • 2nd – Prize = US$150 (Rank #2)
  • 3rd – Prize = US$100 (Rank #3)
  • 4th – Prize = US$50 (Rank #4)
  • 5th – Prize = US$50 (Rank #5)

The keyword for the contest is:

my blogpost

and you can enter the contest as of August 1st 2010.  Good luck to all who enter, I decided to throw may hat in the ring.

-Dragon Blogger

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