Setting Up Moderation Flag Rules for Livefyre

I just found out that Livefyre is even more awesome than I previously thought recently when learning that you can setup Livefyre to let your readers handle much of the moderation on your behalf on the blog.

Livefyre already gives the readers the ability to flag comments as “Spam, Offensive, Off Topic”…etc but with flag rules you can actually set what happens to the comment based on one or more people flagging it.


Here is a video tutorial showing you how to setup moderation flag rules for the Livefyre commenting system:


For those who don’t have time to watch the video, here are manual steps.

  • Log into Livefyre


  • Go into your site settings/moderation rules for the website you have Livefyre installed.
  • Under the “Moderation Rules” menu
  • You click on Add: Flag Rule


  • Select flag type
  • Type in # of users that have to flag it before action occurs
  • Choose action (Move to Trash, back to unapproved or Bozo the comment).
  • Then click “save rule”
  • Repeat to create rules around Spam, Offensive, Disagree or Off Topic.
  • You can see for my own site, 3 offensive marks it as automatic trash.
  • 3 off topic and the comment goes to unapproved state where I have to review it again.
  • 2 flags as spam and the comment goes to the trash as well.

You get an email notification whenever someone flags a comment on a site you administrate so you can always undo any actions that occur at any time as well.

This should help let your reader community help moderate the crappy comments that collect on your blog, encourage your readers to help with the moderation.  But remember, by default there are no moderation flag rules in Livefyre, so if you want actions to occur based on flagging you need to setup moderation flag rules.

This is one major feature Livefyre has over the WordPress default commenting system and can save a blog administrator time by letting the user community help control and obliterate spam/offensive comments on their own.

-Dragon Blogger

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