Sharing a Picasa Web Album to Other Contributors

Google’s Picasa Web is a great place to store both public and private images and photos that you take and one of the additional benefits is you can delegate and specifically set certain web albums (folders) to allow for other contributors to manage and add to them.

It is very easy and simple to setup and configure your web folders so you can allow other people to contribute to them.

  • Just log into your PicasaWeb
  • Create a new web album (or edit your existing web album)
  • Click on the Share Icon

  • Then checkmark “Let People I Share With Contribute Photos”

  • Type in the email addresses of the people you want to grant access to your PicasaWeb Album
  • Send your email.

You now have opened up this web album for others to contribute and share photo’s.  The only caveat is people need to have a registered GMAIL account, in order to use or contribute to PICASA Web albums.

-Dragon Blogger

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