Showcasing the New HTML 5 HootSuite Interface

Okay, the new Hootsuite HTML5 isn’t that new anymore since it was updated a few weeks ago and has already been seen by hundreds of thousands of people, but I did my own video to showcase the new look and feel of Hootsuite which I felt was only right since my previous videos all had the old Hootsuite version in them.

What I like about the new Hootsuite HTML 5

  • The interface is clean, visually appealing
  • I can make the color scheme so that it looks almost like Tweetdeck (black and white letters)
  • The “separator” between old messages and new updates is fantastic for showing the split between where new updates are and the stuff you already read
  • Adding Google Analytics gives you even better click tracking and analytics for your tweets if you use or to shrink them

The not so good things about the new HTML 5 Hootsuite

  • Scheduling tweets takes longer than old interface before due to the extra click and steps involved
  • Hootsuite interface is slower on FireFox than old interface due to advanced HTML 5 features


Seems like not so many disadvantages but for me the sluggishness of the new interface from clicking on users and popping up their stats to actually clicking on the calendar to schedule tweets really annoys me. Combine this with FireFox being already a little unstable lately and this update as nice as it looks puts an extra ball in the court of Tweetdeck in my opinion.

  • Hootsuite needs to improve the speed of the interface, too graphic heavy for a web application.
  • Hootsuite needs to make scheduling faster, you can easily just popup and manually type in the date/time of the tweet with tabbing.
  • Add an update to use military time instead of AM/PM to schedule tweets to remove the extra button you have to click for Day/Night as well which slows you down
  • Hootsuite needs an “autoretry” feature if a scheduled tweet fails so that it doesn’t just warn you it failed and you have to deal with them later, it should retry for up to 5 minutes or so

These are just my opinions and suggestions on the new Hootsuite version. Though I still use Hootsuite to schedule my tweets and submit messages to my social media networks via Ping.FM, I use Tweetdeck to send real time tweets out to only Twitter or Facebook since the interface is so much faster (even though Tweetdeck crashes every 6-8 hours and needs to be restarted).

-Dragon Blogger

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