How to Sign Your Electronic Documents Online?

If you feel tired of printing your documents so that you could put your signatures on it and then faxing for further process, then don’t be panic. Here is a solution to your problem. Signing documents electronically is a technique that could make your problem solved.


First Comes First: Do you think Electronic Signatures are Beneficial than Wet Signatures?

Well, it’s easy and more convenient to sign your documents online than signing them on a piece of paper. Unluckily, people are not tech-savvy like you, and there might be some businesses or people that don’t accept online signatures. I have been through the process of signing documents electronically, and yet there still need to have a sign on hard copy or fax a document as well.


Security is another reason for signing documents online. It is one of the reasons that why electronic signatures are not acceptable in most of the businesses. When you are going to sign a sensitive document, it is more convenient to sign a hard copy and print out the document than to use cloud or sending the document via email. But it should also be noted that physical signatures can also be forged from a receipt by any cashier or waiter if they are interested in. Your signatures whether wet or electronic could be secured depending on the receiving company. So, it’s up to you whether to sign your documents online and send via email or you would like to send through the other way.


One thing you must keep in your mind is that electronic signatures are different than digital signatures so don’t let yourself confused. Digital signatures are something different. I am going to stick only on the electronic signatures for your personal use and requirements. So, we are not getting into the detail of digital signatures.


Getting Started with The HelloSign

Are you getting so many documents via email? Are you tired of getting them print, sign them and scanning the document to send it back? HelloSign Chrome extension is a solution to your problem. Now you can sign your documents online from your browser. After signing, you can send those documents back to the recipient. When you install the extension, it will offer you to sign PDF or any document that directly sent to you in your Gmail. One of the best and easiest ways ever seen.


SignNow for iPhone and iPad

iOS found SignNow more portable that can sign your documents from your email or Dropbox and easily send it back to the recipient. You can download SignNow from the play store, and it allows you to sign up to 5 documents per month. If you want to sign more documents in a month, then you can go for the premium plan it offers or tries DocuSign Ink.


Try DocuSign Ink on Your Android Phones and Tablets

DocuSign Ink allows you to sign your documents online as many as you wish. But it offers you to save one signature at one time. You cannot save multiple signatures like iOS version gives you the facility. It’s a simple task that signs your documents from email or Dropbox and same as SignNow send back to the recipient.

  • Features of DocuSign Ink:
    • Faster and more secure
    • Accelerate your business
    • It’s simple
    • Finish in minutes

Find the best-suited app to sign your documents online and make your life free from tensions. Enjoy and relax with the best electronically signatures apps.


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