Social Media Management with Gremln

I have used a variety of tools over the past few years to manage my social media accounts, and to this day there is one tool that still has some features you can’t find in any of the other tools that I use.

These features are found only in Gremln which you may know because the former application was known as Twaitter before being redesigned and renamed.  First of all, if you don’t pay for another social media program, then Gremln offers the most features you can get for their free subscription.


Recurring Social Media Messages

Gremln includes being able to setup scheduled recurring messages that can broadcast to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, the free plan gives you up to 5 social media accounts and up to 5 messages scheduled per hour.  This alone means you should be using Gremln right now.


After you create an account on Gremln and setup your Social Media networks, just go over to your messages.

From here, you can click a new message and set it to a repeat schedule that can be set daily, weekly, monthly or even set it to skip certain days.


This is a great way to broadcast articles that you want to get extra coverage and attention or contests and have them repeat for a set amount of time until the contest ends.  You should put an end date on most recurring messages unless the article truly is something you want to broadcast forever.  Sometimes you can use this just to broadcast your favorite affiliate products/links and let this automation do some of the selling for you.

Calendar View

The calendar view rocks for keeping track of all your scheduled social media broadcasts and what days they are on.


This can help you find duplication where it may not be needed, or gaps in your schedules where you can fit in additional broadcasts.

Gremln for Social Media Management

Gremln isn’t just for recurring social media messages, you can use it to write messages and broad cast them in real time to your fans across a variety of networks.  The paid memberships will also include LinkedIn Groups and Facebook Fanpages as well as other premium features.

You can setup and track goals, add reports and get statistics from the links you have shrunk with too.


Gremln Dashboard is a page full of columns and tabs, you can combine multiple social media networks into the same tab or isolate them by their own tabs.  This lets you completely customize what information you want to see at your fingertips on your dashboard.

Gremln also lets you setup default networks your messages go to, so when you click “new message” you always have 1 or more social media accounts preselected, and have the option to select additional or not have any default one selected.

Gremln also supports team members so you can have a staff manage the same Social Media accounts and work together in a coordinated group effort.

Bottom Line

If you aren’t using Gremln yet to see how it compares to other Social Media management programs then you are missing out and I encourage you to at least setup a free account, see and compare to other programs like Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and others and see what you think.  I use Hootsuite every day, and I still use Gremln because it has some features that even the paid version of Hootsuite doesn’t have.

-Dragon Blogger

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