Social Media Tip: Pay it Forward

Connecting on Social Media is so much more than just posting about your brand and products. Companies that endlessly just spam out affiliate links or product sales pitches with no interaction or social tact are little more than the equivalent of spam email compressed to a 140 character package. Building a following on Social Media networks like Twitter, Facebook and others are important if you are building a brand and an image, but your profile should be engaging and bring in fans and followers for being interesting, not just a reciprocating a follow.

One thing that is so easy to do that helps promote interactivity is to retweet other peoples articles or messages if you find that they will be of interest to your audience or if you enjoyed them yourself. A retweet not only shows another person that you enjoyed their article but you are actively supporting them and you will find that these generous actions generally tend to pay back and have a great ROI. Remembering that as a brand/company and with little time to devote to my online brand I have to factor in Return on Investment for my tactics I use to write and promote my brand.

So showing respect and actively recognizing others is a good way to get noticed in turn. Obviously if you are a company selling a specific type of product you can’t go around retweeting and promoting competing products but this method works for articles, news and social media updates for topics in related industries. Nothing helps be in topic than retweeting somebody elses article about the dangers of sunburn if you sell sunblock products for example, just check and make sure you aren’t promoting a competitor product. Also, the same rules apply for Liking or sharing peoples messages, articles and information on Facebook or any other social network.

One other tip is to be interactive with your following by asking questions and engaging in conversations that are two way. This involves actually talking to people and engaging in conversations that lead to questions and answers rather than just constantly spewing out “hey read this” type of tweets to your followers. Though you can’t have conversations with too many followers you can post questions and give responses to be active and responsive. Appear as more than just a product/company and you will have more interaction from your followers than just people looking for a mutual follow.

Bottom Line

Having 10,000 twitter followers that are nothing more than autofollow accounts that follow you mutually will not lead to people who will be considered “fans” of your product or brand, you need to be interactive, responsive in the social networking sphere and you will find that if you share other peoples articles you will find most people in social media networks will have a tendency to return the favor which in turn benefits everyone.

-Dragon Blogger

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