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Addressing the trend of deal sites like Groupon and others, SocialSpark now is partnering with Advertisers to offer deals which bloggers can pick up and promote to their audience.  These deals can be promoted on various platforms including Social Media like Facebook and Twitter and allow advertisers to effectively track actions and which bloggers bring them the biggest benefits for potential for future collaboration later as well.

Now when a publisher sign into SocialSpark you will see a Deals Tab, this tab will contain all current active deals and list the sales price as well as how much you will earn on each conversion.  It also lists how long the deal will last until it expires.


Deals that have short lifespans are better to promote on Social Media only, as the lifespan of tweets and Facebook messages plus the attention span of reader base make short term incentives more likely to entice interest.  For longer term deals you may consider other means of promotion.


After you look at the details of a deal and decide to accept it, you can then get the code and share the deal on whatever network you prefer.


Remember though, if you are sharing a deal on your blog via a post or a sidebar banner ad, you will have to be responsible for making sure you remove or update the information when the deal expires or you could be left with dead or invalid sales links.

Deals Advertised By You!

I forgot to mention that when a user does click on the Deals link you finally promote, they will land on a customized page that makes the deal show as being directly from your own blog or brand.


This is one of the best parts of the SocialSparks deals platform for publishers because your name/brand is associated with the advertiser and the deal.  This also allows others to re-share the deal on Social Media like Facebook/Twitter which only increases the # of potential referrals and earnings you could make if your following shares your deal.


Social Media Advertising with SocialSpark

Those of you who have been with SocialSpark for years like I have been will remember that the original SocialSpark did allow you get some opps and promote them on Social Media and earn a CPC type of action like you can with SponsoredTweets now.

The new SocialSpark deals are primarily driven toward earning through actions rather than clicks, so this can be a very effective and profitable tool for bloggers and social media personalities to earn if they are effective at showcasing products/services and they promote something they endorse and truly believe in.

Remember to never promote something you don’t stand behind, and though SocialSpark is known for having some of the best and highest quality advertisers make sure you do your research and know what you are promoting and stand behind it.  Reputation is always important in anything you do to try and make a profit online.

So sign up for SocialSpark now and start earning with Deals which allow you to earn from Facebook, Twitter and your website through sharing information about promotions, discounts offered by advertisers.  The cost per action nature of these deals means a successful campaign could earn you far more than a CPC campaign or even a SocialSpark review opp!

SponsoredTweets is also another way to earn from Twitter via either CPC opportunities or specific pay per tweet offers from advertisers.  The combination of the two systems allow you to make some decent earnings as a blogger, and I can honestly tell you have I have made thousands of dollars over the years just from SocialSpark and SponsoredTweets combined.

-Dragon Blogger

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