Software to Copy DVDs on PC or MAC

I am always interested in software that helps me convert or burn my DVD’s to transfer to my other devices or back them up to play in my various DVD players in my house.  As you have learned from my other software reviews, I own over 230 DVD’s and a good 70+ are family friendly or kids movies. 

My kids who are now three and seven have destroyed at least a dozen discs over the past few years due to various things like spilling juice on them, rubbing them on the ground like coasters or even throwing them away when the "movie was done".  Granted, most of this happened when they were younger than three and unfortunately my floor standing DVD organizer is within easy reach.

This is why I backup nearly every DVD that I won (and want to keep) that my kids can actually reach and touch themselves.  Combine this with the fact that we have a car DVD system and I don’t want to keep the original movies in the car, I backup about 7-10 family movies to keep in the car at all times and rotate these out for long trips.

This is where DVD Ripper comes in, this program will allow you to rip DVD’s into media files like DVD to avi, DVD to mpeg or just backup your DVD to another DVD.ImTOO DVD Ripper

DVD Ripper quickly and efficiently allows you to rip movie DVDs and back them up so that you can keep your originals in pristine condition.  You can even use DVD Ripper Mac to backup movies on your Apple OS X desktop or laptop if you don’t want to have to or don’t use Windows.

Backing up movies and DVD’s couldn’t be easier and you can choose whatever video size you want when you rip the video.  You can even choose specific segments of the movie (say if you wanted to cut only a specific 30 second clip of a film and use it for a blog post or a YouTube showcase). 

The software does cost $35.95 for the standard edition and $45.95 for the platinum edition, this is on par with other DVD ripper products, though typically for this type of software I prefer $29.95 or less.

You can also checkout the ImToo Video Converter for mac a program that not only converts all SD/HD video formats to various other formats, plus allows some editing and so you can convert your movies or video files to iPod, iPhone, iPad and other devices.

-Dragon Blogger

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