Sometimes Kids Just Need a Tutor

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With overcrowded schools and individual teaching virtually non-existent in these last few decades it becomes harder for some kids to keep up with the school work. This is especially true in the subject of mathematics which is often difficult for most people, not just kids.

Now though you don’t need to find and hire a personal tutor to come to your house or drop your K – 12th grader off for tutoring, instead you can find Online math help that allows you to pay just for the tutoring you need and in the specific subjects or topics you need.

TutorVista is such a service that allows you to get tutoring in one of many math related concepts like:
Number Theory
Discrete Mathematics
Boolean Algebra
Statistics and Probability
or Calculus

You can even get Free online math help when you give the service a try for the first time. If you enjoy the service you can get one month of unlimited K-12 Tutoring for $99 per month. This means you get to contact and request tutoring unlimited number of times for a month, many tutors would cost $25 – $50 per hour in person.

With you can get Online math tutoring one on one with a professional who will walk you through demonstrations on how to answer your questions and help you understand math concepts. They use a virtual whiteboard to illustrate examples and help you through the concepts.


You do however need a broadband connection because you are sharing an internet connection with video and this would probably suffer some serious lag performance over dial up.

You can find College level tutoring as well but the costs are a little higher than K – 12 tutoring, this is an especially good option for slightly older kids 12+ whose parents need to find a tutor but can’t afford to hire an in person tutor.

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