Sony PlayStation 4 Giveaway and More April Giveaways

We partnered with Purple Monster Coupons and quite a few other bloggers to bring a PlayStation 4 giveaway to our fans, this is one prize package that is sure to please anyone who wins it as the PS4 is arguably the best of the next generation gaming consoles.

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Enter for a chance to win a PlayStation 4


Finally a great gaming mouse for a great price, the Etekcity M555 Gaming Mouse is a great gift for anyone who is looking to get a better gaming mouse, we are giving one away to 1 lucky reader, but don’t fret if you don’t win, this mouse is actually only $13.99 so is sure to meet almost anyone’s budget too if you don’t win.



Enter to Win an Etekcity M555 Gaming Mouse


You can also see Iggy talking about the M555 Gaming mouse in this M555 Gaming Mouse Unboxing Video as well.

There is also still time left for your chance to win an iPad Air too!
Enter for a chance to win an iPad Air

Enter to Win an iPad Air


Stay tuned for more giveaways, gadgets and game updates on and if you have ideas on what you would like to see being given away, leave a comment on our Dragon Blogger fanpage or our Dragon Blogger Google Plus page  and tell us what tech products, games or stuff you would like us to giveaway next, give us an idea in the $50, $100 and $250 price ranges and we will see what we can do to reward our fans!

For those fans who are looking for alternatives to Dropbox that allows for easy portability and backup for your files so you can access them on mobile devices like Android or iOS devices, you should check out the 5 Great Alternatives to Dropbox article and tell us which app you use or if you use a different one.

Guild Wars 2 has been a game I have played very frequently over the past 2 years and the recent feature pack one greatly alters the game adding some functionality and removing some restrictions to make it easier to share skins, gear and rewards across all characters on the same account.  PVP Reward tracks are fun and the new way heart quest rewards are delivered is more immersive, plus you can hunt and quest for some of the new traits in the redesigned trait system.  Here is a video showcasing some of the new things in Guild Wars 2 Feature Pack 1.

Stay tuned, I am also working on the Akaso W100 Budget Android tablet review, and there may be a giveaway in the works for this one as well.  Feedback is always welcome too, so drop us an email if you want to provide any feedback or tell us what gadgets you want us to giveaway next.

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