Sponsored Giveaways Now with Referral Program

Sponsored Giveaways is a platform that allows bloggers to earn money by hosting giveaways or sweepstakes on their sites, I did a full review of sponsored giveaways before showcasing what they can do for both bloggers and advertisers and I wanted to touch base on a new feature that was just recently rolled out called the Sponsored Giveaways Affiliate program.


This really is more like a referral program because you aren’t actually selling anything, you are referring other bloggers and advertisers to the Sponsored Giveaways platform.  They sign up for free as a blogger or advertiser, and you as the referrer earn 15% of what the blogger gets paid for hosting the giveaway or what the advertiser pays out to other bloggers if you sign up an advertiser under your referral account.  Now this could be a nice way to earn a little side income, especially if you run sites that do giveaways or sweepstakes and want to get in on the platform because you can not only earn from hosting giveaways but also by helping others discover the Sponsored Giveaways platform for themselves to host giveaways.

I haven’t used Sponsored Giveaways yet as an advertiser, it is on my to-do list for later in the year when I build up a little more of my marketing budget, but I can tell you the system runs pretty smooth as a blogger who hosts giveaways with the Sponsored Giveaways platform.  The platform is not prone to spam or invalid entries, and though doesn’t have a refer a friend feature right now puts everyone who enters on a good strong even odds of winning.  The really good thing about the platform is it takes the delay out for the winner where they usually have to wait for the advertiser to contact them and deliver the prize.  With the Sponsored Giveaways platform the advertiser has to upload the prize and set it up in the system so that it is awarded immediately to the winner, this prevents the winner from being delayed and also prevents any false or advertiser issues with them failing to deliver the prize.

This does make the system much more compatible to gift card, Amazon coupons, or license keys, coupon codes..etc than physical prizes which the platform doesn’t support since it can’t have you setup a physical prize, only the cash equivalent.  There are new features coming soon like Pinterest as an option as well as Google Plus as an option, so the platform will grow.  This is a good time to get your blog entered and registered so as advertisers start joining the system and recognizing the huge benefit and return on investment they get from sponsoring giveaways you will be there with your blog listed and ready to accept offers.

Join Sponsored Giveaways now and list your blog so you can potentially host great giveaways and earn a little to host them.  Beats having to fund all the prizes yourself for the giveaways!


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