SponsoredTweets Lets You Make Some Money with Twitter

I have been using SponsoredTweets since the program debuted almost four months ago, I am not a twitterlebrity and have a decent but relatively small following of just under three thousand followers at the time of this article. SponsoredTweets is a program that allows me to earn about two dollars per tweet, and I have made about twenty dollars in the past thirty days so far. This is actually a really good deal considering it takes only a few minutes to setup a sponsored tweet and the system works well.

With SponsoredTweets you have complete control over what you want to promote and advertise, you will never have ads injected into your tweets without consent. So you don’t have to worry about promoting something you don’t want to. It works like this:

Advertisers see a listing of all registered users for the respective category they are looking for, if they want to hire your twitter account you will receive an offer from them. This offer is based on the popularity and success of your twitter profile, but you can make some money even if you have less than five hundred followers.

Anyone can sign up, but for your account to qualify for sponsoredtweets it must be at least four months old (created 4 months ago) and you must have at least two hundred followers. Generally you will let SponsoredTweets set the value of your tweets, but if you want more advertiser offers I would set it a little lower than the suggested price. If you set your price per tweet too high you won’t likely see any advertiser purchases.

SponsoredTweets has you disclose each tweet with a choice of words like “Sponsored, #ad, brought to you by” among many more. This means all tweets comply with FTC regulations requiring disclosure of advertisements. When your account reaches a $50 balance you can cash out and withdraw funds into your Paypal account, some people can reach this with a handful of tweets, others take a little longer depending on your price per tweet.

Because you choose each advertisement you never worry about sending out messages without your knowledge or consent, also with advertising being more and more acceptable in virtually every medium from Blogging to Social Media, you generally don’t have to worry about losing followers or hurting your twitter reputation, because you won’t be doing it constantly and you will only be promoting companies you approved which means likely you thought at least somewhat favorably in the first place since you accepted them.

Here is my video demonstration on how to sign up and use SponsoredTweets:

I have tried many programs to earn some side income and SponsoredTweets is the most respectable one I have found when trying to monetize your twitter account. I would encourage you to give it a try if you are looking to make a little money on the side, especially around the holiday season.

If interested Sign Up with SponsoredTweets and make sure you put Dragonblogger as the referrer.

-Dragon Blogger

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