Successful Blog Checklist : Why you should read other blogs ?

You know, there is one question that has always wondered me, left me puzzled. And that question is: Why I should read other blogs? Why should I? Or Why should you? or better, Why are you? Most of the bloggers spend their time reading others blogs (when they are not engaged in blogging activities).  Yes, we spend a lot of time, blogging, commenting and going through the process, every single day. Why do we do this? Why do we actually spend so much time on reading, commenting and interacting? There are obvious answers to all these questions. In this blog post, we are going to talk about reading others blogs, why we should do it. So, let’s get the discussion started :-

Why you should read other blogs?

I read other blogs. I keep up with blogosphere through,, and Those are the only sites that I actually use – to find new stuff, to read new articles written by other bloggers. Let me give you some reason why I read other blogs (and why you should too, if you are not actively doing it) :-

Learn New things, New Examples!

The number one reason why I read other blogs is because I always want to learn something new, from others. I want to learn of new examples and analogies.  There are many bloggers online who I actually admire for their content. And there are bloggers that I don’t really admire (Note : Nowadays, I do see a lot of bloggers who are popular online writing about the same old thing. OK, as a reader, I don’t like to read the same old thing again, no matter who’s blog it is).  But, I do agree with the old argument for old content (that your post is for newbies). As a reader, I would love if the blogger left little note saying that the post is for beginners.

I also want to read other blogs because I want to gain new perspectives. Reading blogs will help you to look at issues from different angles. It does help you to write better posts. I have always told you about the importance of attitude. New perspectives help you to solve a problem, come up with new solutions. Learning is always important in blogging. Every day, the new becomes old and the old becomes older. So, it is really important to keep up with blogging (Consistency is important).

There are many benefits…..

Learning new things is just the first part of it. There are many other benefits that go along with it. For example : when you read and comment on a blog, you are interacting with the author of the post. Now, it is more likely that the author is going to check out your blog, read it and comment on it. You are marketing your blog when you read other blogs. When you read a blog and decide to guest post on it, you are getting many benefits (link backs, more exposure to name a few). Each action that you take in the blogosphere has its own benefits and costs. Reading blogs is not bad at all. It will give you more tips, strategies that you can follow, to attain success.

“Blog are like Streetlights. For streetlights to be useful, you need to turn them on. Reading is like switching the on button. Reading them will give you the benefit of Vision. Vision helps you to see your goal, how far it is. And Achieve it, in lesser time with more efficiency”.


I think that gives a good end to our post. So, are you convinced that you should read other blogs? What do you say? Thank you for tuning in @ I hope that you enjoyed my post about Reading other blogs. Let me know of your comments. Thanks!

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