Syllable D900 Mini True-Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

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Note this is a review of the D900 Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds which is not the D900s which are more expensive, These ones probably fall on the lower end of the spectrum and are cheaper than the D900s and I recommend you buy them from Syllable Direct instead of a 3rd party store to make sure you are getting the right pair.



These are mid range wireless earbuds that are truly wireless, and are not physically connected to anything (it’s basically like wearing earbuds).


When you first open the box, you will see that these earbuds come with a few extra items.  First of all, these earbuds do not have a micro USB port or anything along those lines.  Instead, to charge them you place them inside of a small box that is held shut by magnets.


The box works as a sort of power bank.  Inside of the box there are contact points that send power into the buds when you set them in the box.  Notice I said set.  The buds are in no way plugged in, they just sort sit on the contact points.  I am a fine of the powerbank box setup first of all, because these are fully wireless, so if they were charged from a chord, you would have to charge both of these separately which would be a pain.  Plus, the D900 Mini are pretty small, so being in this portable box makes them easier to find in a bag or backpack, not to mention it assures they always have a full charge (which lasts about 45 minutes, a bit short), as long as the dock has charge.

Also included in the box with the Syllable D900 are three sizes of earpieces, a small carrying pouch that can hold the buds if you don’t want to carry the charging dock with you, a manual that has about ten million different translations, and a charging cable (which just happens to be a ribbon cable, which is far superior to standard cables in my opinion).



Next is the part that many consider the most important aspect of any earbuds, and also the aspect that I was most unimpressed with, sound quality.  Disappointingly, the earbuds just did not quite carry through with sound quality.  You can tell immediately that they are Bluetooth because of the shoddy sound clarity, not offering that crystal clear audio everyone wants.  Also, the bass is really not great, almost unnoticeable unless the D900 Mini’s are way turned up.

Wearing these earbuds can be a bit awkward.  They are a little big because each one has to have its own battery in it.  If you’re a self-conscious person, you may worry about they these things stick out of the side of your head.  However, they are very light and do stay in your ears well despite their size.


Now for a few other mentionable things:

  • There is one multi-purpose button on each earbud, both do the exact same thing.  A long hold will shut the earbuds off or on, a quick click will pause/play, or accept a call, and a double click rejects a call.  Unfortunately there is now way to adjust music volume, or skip a track using these earbuds.
  • Even though these are small and a good distance away from your mouth, they do have a microphone and can be used to make a call.
  • Unlike a lot of true-wireless buds, the Syllable D900 Mini Earbuds connect to your phone through a single Bluetooth connection, and then a second wireless connection connects the left bud to the right bud, which in my opinion is a better design (though I don’t really like the idea of a Bluetooth connection through my brain).   Also, this means that for whatever reason, if you wanted to be a pretty good distance away from your phone and still have an earbud connected, you could set the left earbud in between you and the phone to work as a range extender.  I’m not sure under what circumstance you would want to to this, but I just thought it was interesting.
  • One last small thing is that when you click the play button to play music, these headphones do a nice automatic fade in of the music which might not matter to you, but personally, I appreciate the way it makes it less abrupt when starting music.

Overall, I think these Syllable D900 Mini Earbuds offers a lot of really cool features and, of course are true wireless which is nice. Unfortunately though, they just do not deliver in sound quality, making them better suited for someone her prefers watching YouTube or Netflix over listening to music.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.