Bioshock Infinite Review – This is a 5 Star Game

Hey there.  The much anticipated Bioshock Infinite was finally available to the masses on March 26th!  After several setbacks, a few pushed back release dates, and awesome trailers, Irrational Games and 2K games finally released Bioshock Infinite.  I finally had my hands on the game that I have waited for over a year!  The trailers teased of a different game, one that was different from the dystopian city of Rapture, one that was a complete … Read more

A Different Middle East Awaits in Spec Ops: The Line

When we play first person shooters involving Middle East skirmishes we are expecting familiar sites such as Afghanistan, Iraq or Iran. In Spec Ops: The Line, action takes us to the crown of the UAE, the splendid city of Dubai which is unfortunately in turmoil. All its glory was stripped away and what we find is an all-out war against military factions, insurgents and covert ops. The landscape is changed and as players will soon … Read more