3D Printing Pen for Kids Overview

With 3D printing being so popular these days, it’s a great thing to start getting your kids involved in. After all, this is the technology they will have to master in upcoming years and that will shape their world for years to come. Today we’re doing to break down an interesting 3D pen from Juboury for your kids to enjoy. 3D Printing Pen for Kids The coolest part about 3D printing is how creative it lets … Read more

Tecboss 3D Printer Pen Review

I am one of those people who love arts and crafts. Whether it is drawing, painting, or well, now, making things using a 3D printing Pen. Tecboss sent me their Model RP500A pen to try out just for you, and between you and me, I really like it. Everything you need to get started is in the box, and the box is small enough to use to store everything in and keep things safe until … Read more