The Best Mobile Gaming Devices

As it’s the end of the year, many top tech magazines will be running down the best digital innovations of the year. And one trend that looks like it’s showing no sign of slowing down is that of mobile gaming. So if you’re looking for a way to spend the Christmas holidays locked in the world of games, here are a few devices, games and innovations from the likes of Nintendo, Lucky Nugget Casino and … Read more

Nintendo 3DS Rundown, In Retrospect: Is It Still Worth Your Coin?

The Nintendo 3DS is an aging product on the market, but it did offer enough new features to keep Nintendo handheld fans in tow. It’s worth noting there’s this push to consider Nintendo’s handheld on its own merits, especially in comparison to PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita. It’s also keen to point out Nintendo did its part to establish the foundation of the handheld console market. Handheld gaming consoles deliver to expectations, especially with the … Read more

Super Smash Bros. and Legend of Zelda – The Triumph Of the Wii U Upon Us?

E3, the Electronics Expo, showcased several up coming games for the 8th generation of consoles (Play Station 4, Xbox ONE, Wii U) and the PC. During the different presentations of the different companies, there were quite a few exclusives revealed for each console. If we focus only on the Wii U for a second, we’d quickly realize that two of the most awaited games that were announced and showcased were: The Legend of Zelda Super … Read more

Animal Crossing A New Leaf – A New Town Awaits

    It has been an extremely long time since the last Animal Crossing which was released in 2008 on the wii, however this time the game is out for the Nintendo 3ds,  A New Leaf changes the game incredibly putting you in a new role and allowing you to change your town much more than previous games. The extraordinary and charming world is now much more dynamic and alive as the animals have a much nicer personality and are … Read more