What Specs Do You Need to Run Photoshop on a Laptop?

Photoshop is an Adobe software program that is designed to enable graphic designers to edit their work – and it is a process-intensive program.  It therefore needs a very fast laptop that can process graphic data much faster, and hold lots of data in RAM at any given point.  This is especially true if you are a professional designer that has a long list of clients that are being worked on consistently. While one can’t … Read more

Glyph Atom Black 1TB SSD A1000BLK Review

Thumb drives are a dime a dozen now, coming in all shapes, sizes and speeds but it is really hard to find a good one.  Good speeds, sizes and shapes determine usually what drives we buy and this one might fit the bill.  Today we will be looking at the Glyph Atom Black 1TB SSD, yeah 1 terabyte of portable storage, but it is not a regular thumb drive.  Let’s check out the specifications first. … Read more