4 Ways the Latest Tech Has Influenced Modern Advertising

Advertisers know just about every way to reach audiences, and technology plays a huge part in their strategies. As digital technology continues to grow, the opportunities for advertising will increase as well. This is a huge advantage to business owners: now there are more ways to find an audience than ever before. If you’re new to digital marketing, here’s everything you need to know about using technology to your advantage when it comes to ads … Read more

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The Easiest and Most Effective Ways to Advertise Online

Do you remember the days when advertising was all about billboards, radio jingles and short TV ads between programmes? No? Me neither, but once they were all that existed. Advertising was once about using all of the mediums that were available at the time, and one of the best ways was to strategically place billboards where they could be seen by the general public. Now, although we’ve come a long way in a not so … Read more

Initial Review of SwitchAds for Monetizing Ad Space

So I have been testing SwitchAds since mid December 2014 on DragonBlogger.com, I replaced one of my 300×250 Google AdSense banners with the SwitchAds network banner and let it soak for 4 full months before I was willing to come to a conclusion and my conclusion is strictly comparing it to how well that 300×250 ad performed in that same spot with AdSense alone.  This is important because if you are already used to earning … Read more