Ailihen X7 Dual Driver Earbud Review

I get a lot of earbuds to review and this I like because I have two kids who seem to lose or break earbuds every few months so the new supply keeps up with their demands.  I always use earbuds exclusively for a few weeks during my review before switching to a new brand and often I will compare brands side by side by listening to the same tracks in a playlist and then cycle … Read more

Sound InTone Ailihen Headphone Earbud Deals – All Under $20

Sound InTone and Ailihen offer up some excellent discounts on a line of earbuds and headphones just in time for holiday preparations.  These coupons range between 30% and 60% off and you can find kids headphones, sport earbuds and more.  Several of these headphones and earbuds we have reviewed and these brands make some decent budget range headsets and earbuds.   As all products in this list are under $20 most under $15 and some under … Read more

Ailihen MX-06 Headphone Giveaway

Ailihen worked with us a few weeks ago to giveaway their C-08 headphones and were so happy with the response from Dragon Blogger fans that they now offered us their MX-06 headphones to giveaway and the best part is… There will be 5 winners again instead of just a single winner. For those who can’t wait to find out if they win, or if they want to pick it up if they weren’t one of … Read more