Mesqool AM/FM Digital Dimmable Projection Alarm Clock Radio Review

I think that we can all agree that keeping our tablets and phones charged is a never-ending task. There are so many options out there and many are very good, but all of them take up space and plugs that may be needed for other things. Not long ago, I picked up a device that will not only charge my phone but will also wake me up in the morning and sing me to sleep … Read more

Newlemo Runaway Alarm Clock Review

Most of us do not like hearing the sound of our alarm clocks. Some people wake up before the alarm sounds just to turn it off so they will not have to hear it. Others hit snooze a few too many times and end up rushing around the rest of the day to make up for the mistake. Some alarms are very loud, some speak, some play music… Newlemo Runaway Alarm Clock Unboxing Video I … Read more